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Djitu Go

DJITUGO is a digital marketing and business consulting agency based in Bali, Indonesia.  We are a part of Djitu group, which includes Djitu Hospitality Solution – a revenue management company for hospitality properties all around Indonesia. Drawing our experience from managing digital marketing for over 100 hotels, our team is now ready to take your business to the next level.

DJITUGO mission is empowering businesses all around Indonesia to help reach their full potential. We believe in working SMART. We successfully create and achieve Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely goals. We care for our clients and do our best to achieve the highest quality results, but most importantly, we believe in building mutual trust and simple relationships with our clients.

Working with DJITUGO means simple and fast processes, easily measurable results, transparent communication, and continuous progress. Your goals become our goals, as our professional team devotes itself fully for your business. Yet the best part is that our clients always have a team of experts by their side, always ready to offer sophisticated support and assist on any matters at hand.

Why us

Understanding you

We look at your unique selling points, your customers and how we can work to drive quality purchasers directly to your business.

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We have an extensive portfolio of graphic design with a team of experts who will create the best logo carefully tailored to suit your business needs and shape your brand identity

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Our experienced web designers can offer you a completely customizable website template, edit it to fully express your business strengths and optimise it to maximise traffic

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We build successful social media strategies and implement them through content generation and promotion management to make your business stand out in the digital age

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Our skilled photographers will take the best shots of your products to showcase your business in a professional and aesthetically appealing manner

Let’s work together

We help businesses increase revenue.
We work by making smart decisions
with advertising & marketing.

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